Idea Conception
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No project is to small or to large. We can paint a room, paint your entire house, redo your kitchen or design a theatrical set for your next production. Have an idea? You can sleep on it and your dreams can come true.


Design Conception
discover the art of design

Designing has been happening at HendersonWorks for over 30 years. Combining all of HendersonWorks fine talent provides invaluable years experience for any of your projects.


Home Conception
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This is where we help make your house into a home you'll want to live in! Interior and Exterior, one room or all of them.

Latest News
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Ceiling Repairs and Interior Painting

Yes we do repairs on your cracked plaster or drywall ceilings and walls!  Here we fix a textured ceiling which was falling apart and then help design a color coordinated palette, check out our blog post.

Bathroom Redo?

We recently had an opportunity to assist a great couple on a light remodel. For details check out our "Ye Olde Bathroom Renovation"

Keep up with recent projects on our "BLOG"


Our Many Skills
"We are men of action"...

If we can't get it done, somebody else is going to lose their shirts. At HendersonWorks we know buzz phrases like "move the ball forward" so at least you'll be entertained as we complete your next project

Possible projects on the horizon?

  • Interior Design & Painting
  • Exterior Painting
  • Murals and Displays
  • Photo Restoration

Our talent
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Randy has been an artist and scrapper for most of his life. Being the fourth of six kids doesn't leave room for being shy, it motivates you to do more.

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