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Steampunk Gameroom Remodel
January, 2015

Earlier this year we had a blast with this gameroom design!

The opportunity arose to design and remodel this gameroom with a Stempunk flair. For those who don't know, steampunk is like Victorian Science Fiction. We used basic construction, painting, texture painting and Interior Design on this one. For details read our blog article.

Woodwork Retouching and Photoshop Retouching
July, 2015

We recently acquired a fantastic interior job with lots of amazing original woodwork which sadly was abused. No budget to replace or refinish entire areas? Bring in retouching talents from our repertoire here at Hendersonworks. 

Past retouching on regular images can be seen here on our site. Recent images with a Steampunk flair were done for fun!! Yes, just for the pure enjoyment of it all. You can check them out on our blog post, Photoshop with Steampunk Backgrounds.


Our Skills
Continually Growing...

Stagnation is not something that happens at Hendersonworks. Our world is changing at a rapid pace, and those who do not adapt fall by the side.

At Hendersonworks, Randy started working on design in the advertising and graphics industry. He quickly saw where things were going and learned computer related skills, website creation and IT talents. All this time he created interiors through painting and remodeling his home and others.

To extend his creative talents he built scale model houses, terrain and figures for table top gaming. Wanting to share his ideas, he built the Battleground Hobbies Blog to teach others how to create with step by step tutorials. The site developed with over 100 regular followers and 10,000 page views a month. Then his opportunity arrived in the way of corporate downsizing!

Assisting Home Remodelers, Handymen and Builders allowed Randy to build on his his talents for the nitty gritty world of home repairs. He rapidly became known for his details in painting. One thing led to another and now painting interiors and exteriors is the mainstay at Hendersonworks.

Wanting to bring in additional talent to Hendersonworks, Rian Corcoran from Reforming Function was asked to assist on a regular basis.


Multiple talents
All done by Hendersons...

Randy has worked on a wide range of jobs bringing many talented individuals together in order to complete a job.
A rolling Stone Gathers No Moss.
That motto helps Hendersonworks keep up with the times and continue to develop relevant designs and skills to help you get your job done.

Interior Design, Remodeling and Painting
At Hendersonworks painting is always fun and relaxing, even if it's your dining room. Bathroom or Kitchen need a faclift, we can lift heavy rooms too!
Exterior Painting and Design
Need a porch or deck redone, how about a new patio? On exterior jobs, the sky is the limit.
Website, Logo or Print Design
Need a basic site like this one, logo for your business or flyer for the next big function?
Model Building
Scale mock up of your business? Maybe just a viking lodge. We can build those too.
We have staff photographers on site and in the family!



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