At Hendersonworks we truly understand how important your home or business is to you. We strive to respect that, and we give you a quality job that will surpass our competitors aesthetically and personally while working with you to minimize any disruptions. We genuinely love what we do and we hope to bring that same joy to your next project.

Randy has been an artist for most of his life, constantly in search of outlets for his boundless creative energy. He was the fourth of six kids and that didn’t leave room for being shy; it motivated him to do more. Randy is a graduate of the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, so not only can he paint your house, he can also paint your portrait! He began his working career retouching photographs, but throughout this time he was still working  with his hands - assisting his father in the garage doing bodywork on cars and making repairs in the duplex and apartment buildings that his family owned.

As a graphic designer pursuing a career in the advertising industry, he quickly saw where things were going and added computer related skills, website creation and IT talents to his resume. All the while, he continued envisioning and creating interior spaces through painting and remodeling his own home and others, so when he decided to shift his professional focus away from the IT world he was already well positioned to make a seamless transition to home renovations.

Assisting home remodelers, handymen and local builders allowed Randy to build on his talents and become fluent in the nitty gritty world of home repairs and remodeling. He rapidly became known for his attention to detail. It was not long before he found himself heading up a wide range of jobs which allowed him the opportunity to bring many talented individuals together in order to complete a project. One thing rapidly led to another and our company gained experience and narrowed it’s focus; now painting interiors and exteriors are the mainstay at Hendersonworks.

With more success came more demand, and wanting to bring in additional full time talent to Hendersonworks, we hired Rian Corcoran of Reforming Function, another artist trained in illustration and design who brought with him an array of finish carpentry and woodworking skills gained from years of experience. Rian and Randy have a lot of fun working together and it shows; the company’s work ethic and high standards continued to lead to more beautifully completed  spaces and more satisfied customers. So it was not long after that Shari Henderson came on board to assist in office management, payroll and scheduling. Hendersonworks continues to grow and we all continue to look forward to each new creative opportunity.

Many Thanks!

Randy Henderson