Here's a spiffy bathroom renovation we were able to do for a great couple out in McMurray PA. Above is a photo of the completed project and  we'll continue with a walk through the process.

This was what we had to start with. Dated tile, shower door, color scheme, toilet and water damage too. The goal was a new tile floor and shower along with new toilet, vanity and fixtures.

Everything starts with demolition! Once the tile floor was out, the sub-floor could be assessed. We removed a waterlogged section of the floor and unfortunately the wall it supported. Our plumber capped the supply lines and we began the rebuild process.

Once the new sub-flooring, wall and plumbing was back in place the new TileRedi shower pan was installed. This is a wonderful product for tile bases!

The existing walls had lots of texture from previous wallpaper removals so we replaced the damaged ones to save time in the long run. Once the new drywall and cement board for the tile are installed. The walls are primed, and ready for paint and tile installation.

Shower flooring goes in first and then the step. We had a great piece of marble cut for the job at the Stone Connection out on Neville Island. They do quick wonderful work! Next the walls go up!! On the edges we used metal track for a crisp finish. Last, the flooring. Sorry the photo isn't fantastic but the floor is!

When the vanity was fitted in place, the supply lines were half an inch to short! That's when you get in a good plumber to add an extension. A shark bite fitting would have been below the cabinet base height so not an option. However, a little patience and there you have it!

New lighting and mirror are installed. The final step was this really sweet barn style glass door from Rex Glass. They were very professional to work with from start to finish.

Thus another fantastic job done and with a great deal of satisfaction and happy customers, we can move on to the next one.