Another past project that never made it onto the Blog was this beautiful space in Nevillewood.

The original trim had been given a very poor "distressed" look. Well at least we hoped they tried to do this! With the green walls, the new owner was feeling pretty ill.

We started with a good preparatory sanding and cleaning then off to the prime coat. The top coat applied was Sherwin Williams Pro Classic. Next we began to eliminate the green that was so despised by the homeowner. Fortunately she could see past the color to the space instead.

Great sitting area on the balcony.
Believe it or not, this angled part of the ceiling was painted green too!

Here is the Den which was a putrid pink!! Much better now, you can enjoy the fantastic woodwork instead of being drawn into the awful color.

The dining room was black, so this wonderful light yellow was quite the contrast Thanks to Sherwin Williams ProBlock for covering those walls. And yes, the green is out of the halls too. Enjoy!