Another project we rushed in for a great customer in Upper Saint Clair  Township. They recently purchased their home and wanted to get it shaped up before moving in. We were asked to remove wallpaper in two rooms and  paint four plus the hallway and staircase.

Wallpaper in master bedroom was hideous, so down it came down.
Getting it out of these tight areas is always a blast!

Once the paper is off we scrape and sand the walls to remove any leftover residue. We like to skim coat the walls with drywall joint compound to eliminate imperfections and then do a final sanding.

A good coat of Sherwin Williams ProBlock Primer to seal it and then the Paint!

The second rooms wallpaper removal was a little easier but still time consuming. Two of the rooms had accent walls.

Replacing all the old vent and outlet covers can really help to finish off a beautiful paint job! We usually do our brushwork first, then roll the walls second. We used Sherwin Williams Emerald Matte Finish for these silky smooth walls. Don't forget to use the right roller cover for the paint you are applying!