We once again had the opportunity to do some interior painting, this  time in the South Park area. There was plenty of new trim and lots of  unwanted wallpaper! This what it looked like finishing up.

with many angles...
and all the windows had new trim to be primed and painted.
We began with a quality primer from Sherwin Williams.
and 2 steamers on the wallpaper! After the paper was removed we skim coated the walls to remove any defects, patched holes, caulked any gaps and then primed the entire kitchen.
Next came a bright white for the ceilings.
The walls were rolled with Sherwin Williams Emerald paint in "Natural Linen"
Here's a finished window and wall.
Finished trim and doors here too!
Every job has it's own unique challenges and this one was no exception. It's the process of adapting and overcoming all the challenges we encounter that makes the job rewarding!